Subject + Be + Complement

I am a complex person
Fina is a complex person

Okay, cut the grammar part. It is normal for me to post something related to examination when I'm suffering the pre-examination stress.

I am a complex person:

I should study but yet I'm browsing the net
I barely manage to write a long sentence but I am trying to write a novel
I don't speak to stranger, but I do speak a lot to my friends
I want to be a teacher but I do hope to be just a full time housewife
I cannot stay home all day but I still want to be a full time housewife
I understand English but not Arabic
I can master Arabic's phonetic but not English's phonetic
I want to eat cakes but the cakes that are sold here do not tempt me
I am broke but I want to go to the BBW
I want to drive but I don't have the confidence

I'm sick of excessive "but" there.


I have to option to Plan B, ignore those craps for this time being and think about them later.

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