We go Korean again!


If you have read my previous post, I told you that I don't have class on Tuesday and Thursday. So, my friend and I went to TS for some fun. Weee!!

So, basically there is nothing much too eat there. Okay, it was because we don't know where to eat. So we went to the food court, Taste of Asia and eat Asian food but most of them were Korean dish.

The biggest picture is Japanese cuisine, the upper part is Bibimbap and the lower part is Ramen.


I ate Bibimbap.

Sincerely, I don't like the Bibimbap that much, because there were too much veggies and less protein. I am the type of person who eat bigger portion of  protein so in this dish the protein is only 1/5. So I don't like it.

But the Seafood Ramen  and Cheesy Ramen that Atikah and Fatin ate were great! Actually I just ate Maggi the night before, and cooking Maggi in a rice cooker did take a long time, so I did snap few pictures. hehehee

Healthy Maggi
Why I wrote Healthy Maggi?

Because, I tossed the Maggi Mee first to remove the wax first and we added protein and carrots too! Plus, with lesser MSG but still Maggi cannot be considered as a healthy food yet.

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