Hectic week


It has been a hectic week this past week. Two group presentations, with different groups of people. When I wrote different groups of people, I really mean it.

So, now there are few more assignments to be finished: One more group presentation, three more individual presentations. When there is no more assignment, it does mean the final is coming! By that, Semester 1 is going to end soon!!

I am still adjusting myself and the semester is going to put a full stop.

I am excited to go to the Big Bad Wolf Book sale. Luckily all of my friends here are bibliophiles, well we are TESL students, reading is our staple diet and reading is one of the subjects that we are taught.

I am relieved that the reading’s presentation was over and I think I did well because everyone was giving their attention and laughed too. My olahraga’s presentation was smooth too but we were not sure either the instructor gave us a good mark because our usual instructor was absent.

There was a slight change in my schedule,

Monday: I have class from 8am till 5pm with 5 hours gap between 9am till 2pm

Tuesday: I got no class after the linguistic lecturer is sick and the grammar lecturer don’t want to conduct a single period class (Because he said, I have nothing much to teach anymore)

Wednesday: I got class from 8am till 1pm without break

Thursday: My schedule has no class at all

Friday: Reading class from 8am till 10am

Saturday: Olahraga at the field form 12pm till 2pm. It is freaking hot, and we are undergoing a tanning session every week.

Sunday: Weekend which normally I spend by cuddling with my bed

Basically, I’m enjoying my schedule as I will have one day off after one day class. There is one month left to enjoy this kind of schedule. Next semester will be more hectic as my credit hour increases and I cannot arrange my schedule by myself. The new system will not allow us to choose the lecturers and period.

Sorry Ibu, I barely call you, my bad. This place is not under wilayah Celcom. It is hard to call my Mum. There will be once in a while when all of my messages got delayed and I cannot receive any call. This place has no public phone. Well, I wonder is there any place where I can still found a good public phone? Stress!

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