I'm having my mid sem break for a week. A week to be spent at home after two months being away from home. Well, the longest period I spend away from home since secondary school is only two months. Manja, no need to tell me.

So, I didn't bring back any books except all of my novels which are a lot because I don't have enough space in my locker. I didn't bring back clothes also except for a sweater and few scarves. Well, I can wear my brothers' clothes and there are still few blouses and baju kurung here.

What have I done after six days being at home?

Raya Haji! I ate lots of things that I couldn't find at my Uni. From puding, tepung pelita, pulut panggang, nasi dagang and bla bla bla.

And when I ate a lot, I must keep on eyes on my weight and waistline. It has become a habit. Surprisingly my waistline had decreased by 2 inches. Thanks to the 5-storey building of my college. 

I on my way finishing a series of Korean Drama, Nice Guy which the last episode will be this Thursday. Besides, I do watch Golden Time too. Still a Korean Drama, it is about the real situation in ER. Although I had sent away the ambition to be a doctor long ago, but these kind of dramas still attract me. (Walaupun selalu tengok cerita macam ni tapi masih takut tengok orang sakit bila kena inject atau kena potong bahagian mana-mana. Problem kan?)

I'm trying to continue my writing hobby, but still stuck because lots of ideas are jumbling around.

Even so, I read a Malay novel while waiting for my dear brother to finish Mark of Athena. Can't wait to read it.

Leisure much? 


p/s: For Kak Syida! 




It's 24th October!!!


You just reached 19, when I has already think about the sadness ending the teenager's life. The number will change, and I don't want it. 

When people ask, how old are you? I'm proudly say I'm 19. I can still make a cute face and I still feel like a high school student. Embrace this year Syi!!

I scheduled this post because I'm afraid I can't make it, the time now is 18:51 of 23rd November. I have class tonight. Sorry can't do the routine of skyping with you girls. Hope to see you soon SYI!!!!

How to find a good dictionary?


I learned this today in the linguistic class. This is not in the syllabus, it is a common knowledge that we should know because we are the English Teacher to BE!

1. Entries
When buying a dictionary, the first thing that you have to look for is the entries. What is entries? Number of words that are in the dictionary. Usually they don't write it, how may entries the dictionary has, but you can check it by searching latest word, maybe someday you can see Google as a verb in the dictionary.

Okay few years back, I checked the current dictionary that I used that time, it was Collin Cobuild (I forgot which edition, but on the year 2010), the word befriend was still not there but in my current dictionary (Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 8th Edition) the word befriend is there.


2.Descriptions of words
The part of speech. For example noun, verb, adjectives, adverb etc. This is important for you to distinguish the usage of that particular word. 


3. The origin of the words
Language is dynamic. It can change from day to day. Today, you don't find the word nasi lemak in the dictionary yet but maybe someday you will find it in the English Dictionary. Why? Because the word paddy is already in the dictionary. HEHEHEHE

There are lots of English words in which the origin is not English but maybe French, India or Chinese. Good dictionary will include the origin of the word.



4. Phonetic transcription
This will help you to pronounce the word. For example the word subtle. Some of the people might pronounce it as sub-tle, which is wrong. The correct way of pronouncing it is, as you see in the picture.

The b is missing!

5.Examples of the sentences
Examples will guide you in understanding more about the word.


I was wondering, maybe someday there will be Tg. Malim Advanced Learner's Dictionary ?

A day


I drank Milo again tonight, I mean last night because it is already after 12am. Hehehehe. Sugar rush!! It is weird if I'm still not on my bed after 12. I managed to finish my reading assignment and grammar exercises. HOORAAYYY!!!  One more assignment to be finished and then, 


People said, I'm fast in finishing my works. They didn't see Farisha, Dina, Hana, Nina and Aisyah yet. Well, they are medical and dentistry students. Okay, I am comparing myself with the doctors. =.='

Well, Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. :)



  1. I can get off from the bus faster
  2. To burn the calories as I don’t do much exercises nowadays
  3. To build some muscles at my hamstring as I’ve to spread my leg shoulder wide to keep my body balance
  4. I'm practicing the quote “Be a real lady, don’t wait for gentlemen to offer you a sit”
  5. To ride a bus (read - roller-coaster)

Can't control


I can't control myself
I'm not in tense
but I eat a lot which I do when I'm in tense
What happened?

I'm fasting and don't have the appetite,
but when Maghrib says Hi!
I turn into a monster
I grab whatever I want
and  keep craving

I spend a lot than the normal day
That does give me a massive problem

Monday Blues? No.


So, my weekend was stressful. I was glad, that it was over in just a blink of eyes. Lots of assignment needed my attention and my attention did not realize that weekend had over!!!

I also took some time to tidy up my room. It had been a complete mess.

This is my room.
On Monday, the class started at 8am and ended at 9am. The next class was at 4pm, such a wide gap? Wasn't it? So we decided to conduct the group assignment where we had to interview a teacher and a student. So, we went to a school that was selected by one of my groupmate. We rented a car, so we could move around easily. The school was just about 10 minutes from our campus. The interview took about 2 hours. After the interview ended, we utilized the car very well. We went to everywhere that is hard to be reached. Well, you have to know that the taxi fare here is killing me.

Firstly after Zuhur, we went to the Secret Recipe. I wanted something sweet but sadly the cake range here is not that interesting so I chose Chocolate Indulgence. Actually I wanted to take away lasagna but we had class at 4pm.

So, after class we went back to the Secret Recipe. To maximize time, I ordered the lasagna and then we went to Yik Mun to taste the famous (pau)s and then we went back to Secret Recipe to pick up the lasagna that I had ordered. 

They are really delicious!!
We also did explore the campus and the town, well this was our only chance.

This is the Dewan Besar

The front of our campus.



I just sent my Grammar Assignment !!!

Semangat sangat kot sampai buat 28 pages, lepas tu pening nak kurangkan, jadi yang terbaik dapat buat 24pages je. Sedangkan orang lain buat 10 pages je. Hailoh! Hailoh!

Ok. Kelegaan di situ. Sekarang kena bersedia untuk forum pukul 8pagi Isnin ni. Interview selepas habis kelas Speaking and Listening skills. Hantar cerita untuk subjek Reading. 

Aku tak tahu, aku ni dah betul ke apa, tadi masa beli nasi hampir terkeluar "How much is this?"

Nak kata selalu cakap English, takde la pulak. Dengan classmates pun aku bantai cakap melayu. Mungkin sebab baru lepas baca disadvantages of bilingualism, sebab tu jadi macam ni.

Ini weekend keberapa tak keluar? I've lost count.

Can't wait to go home. 10 more days and InsyaAllah, I'll be there :)

I rarely get the internet access, so I have to do a list to remind me of everything that I should do. Desperate enough?



Self-esteem boleh turun dengan tiba-tiba sahaja. 

Kalau tak dikawal, takut terus merudum.

Rasa tidak layak untuk bergandingan.

Perbezaan kita jauh, jadi aku tidak mahu jadi pungguk.

Tapi pungguk pun tidak boleh merubah tabiatnya yang selalu rindu pada bulan.

Tajuk berbeza gila. Random ranting.

Sebenarnya saya nak cakap saya nak daki Gunung Kinabalu. Harap-harap sampai. InsyaAllah.

Header baru ni macam memberi semangat baru. Semangat untuk terus kejar cita-cita. Model dalam tu, Weng, sahabat saya. Ini masa kami pergi mendaki Bukit Broga. Tengok gambar ni macam boleh rasakan  semangat "determine" tu. (tak tahu determine dalam BM. Gagal).

Sekarang ada cita-cita baru, jadi cikgu tu memang la cita-cita, ni sampingan lagi. Sebab ibu dan ayah nak sangat aku jadi doktor tapi aku pula yang tak nak. Maka aku berazam nak sambung sampai peringkat PHD. Kalau boleh dalam Linguistics. Seronok belajar Linguistics tau! InsyaAllah. Doa-doakan ya.

Tengah buat assignment grammar yang tak sudah-sudah lagi. Hailoh! Hailoh!



Can I split myself now?

Lots of things to be settled by this weekend. HAHAHAHA. I'm the king of procrastination. Grammar assignment, forum, micro-teaching, diary, buku log, interview, two reading assignment and I cannot keep track what else.

I never knew, grammar is this complicated. It is totally different from what I have learned during school days. 

Forum? This is my first time so I hope I will manage it.

Micro-teaching. I have no idea how to do this. It is all about lompat jauh, and I never master that. At least I have something new to learn.

Diary and buku log for olahraga. I still don't get this. No geez. No idea. Maybe, this can be kept as KIV.

Interview. Pembangunan Sahsiah's assignment. It is a group project. Interviewing people. HUHA!

Reading assignment. Read, read and read. At least something that I love but the most crucial part is, from what have I read, I need to review all the articles. I've been doing this since last month.

The university's portal keep bugging me with sms, I have to this My3S which is to test my soft skills. I don't think the test is relevance because I can't believe I got a good mark. Other people got red colour for some aspects but I got all green. Weird, isn't it ? Because I barely pass interviews.

Rambling is good for my health, I spend the whole day by just sitting in front of the laptop watching Merlin and then trying to finish the grammar assignment and I'm afraid I will get sore eyes. *duckface please!

Personal Wellness Evaluation


Entri ini berkaitan dengan kesihatan. Entri ini mungkin agak sukar untuk difahami, sebab aku pun macam baru faham je. Hehehehe.

Personal Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis.

Weight : ********* (Ini rahsia la. Hahahaha)
Body Fat Range : 30.3
Percentage of Body Water Range : 51%
Muscle Mass : 33.8
Physique Ratings : 9
Basal Metabolic Rate : 1141
Basal Metabolic Age : 22
Bone Mass : 2
Visceral Fat : 3

Hari tu, housemate tolong buatkan Personal Wellness Evaluation sebab dia ada mesin penimbang yang canggih, jadi hari-hari memang timbang berat la. Lepas tu, dia pun buat analisis untuk aku. Terkejut kot umur badan dah 22 tahun. Tiga tahun lebih tua daripada usia sebenar.

Body Fat Range
Body Fat Percentage is a more accurate gauge of your excess body weight than your BMI. The greater of a body fat percentage that you have, the more at risk you are for a certain diseases. Specifically obesity related illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure.

Body Fat Range aku dah masuk kategori orang obese dah untuk umur aku. Jadi, kena diet lagi la nampaknya walaupun hari tu dah turun 5kg. Takut la kalau kena penyakit muda-muda ni. Target sekarang adalah untuk hidup sihat.

Percentage of Body Water Range

Body Water Healthy Range,
Men : 60-65%
Women : 50-55%
Children: 65-75%

51%. Aku memang minum air banyak. Sebab kalau tak minum, bibir memang akan menggelupas dengan teruk dan berdarah. Pakai lip balm pun macam takde guna. Kalau tak cukup air, badan pulak akan cepat lemah.

Muscle Mass
Weight of muscle in your body. Muscle mass includes the skeletal muscles, smooth muscles and the water contained in this muscle. As your muscle mass increases energy consumption increases helping your reduce excess body fat levels and lose weight and healthy way.

Muscle Mass 33.8. Tak tahu nak letak unit apa.

Physique Ratings:
 Feature assesses your physique according to the ratio of body fat and muscle mass in the body.

Mine was 5. 5 is Standard. Average muscles and average body fat percentage.

Basal Metabolic Rate
Indicates the number of calories your body burns when at rest.

BMR aku 1141 calories. Kalau ikut e-book Kevin Zahri kena darab dengan kadar aktiviti yang dilakukan seharian. Disebabkan kadar aktiviti aku adalah sederhana, jadi kena darab dengan 1.55.

1141 calories X  1.55 = 1768.55 calories

Jadi kalau nak kekalkan berat badan, aku kena kekalkan calorie intake sebanyak 1768.55 calories. Kalau nak turunkan berat badan, kena la kurangkan calorie intake tu.

Basal Metabolic Age :
 Metabolic Age Rating indicates what age level your body is currently rated at. 

Masalah sekarang Basal Metabolic Age aku adalah 22 tahun. Kalau lebih daripada usia sebenar, aku kena improve BMR aku. Caranya dengan menambahkan exercise dan ambil jumlah protein yang sesuai dengan muscle tissues untuk bakar lebih kalori. Jadi, skipping meals adalah sangat tidak boleh. Sebab bila kita skip meals, kadar metabolik akan menurun.

Bone Mass
Less than 50 kg : 1.95kg
50kg - 75kg : 2.40kg
More than 75kg : 2.95kg

Bone mass aku 2kg. Aduhai, kena bagitahu jugak berat. Tadi timbang berat aku 51.4kg. Jadi Bone Mass aku tak sihat lagi. Kena makan kalsium la kot. Sekarang belajar minum susu Anlene tapi aku tak boleh nak minum susu Anlene segelas, jadi aku buat air Milo, tapi tak tambah gula atau susu pekat manis, aku tukarkan dengan susu Anlene.

Visceral Fat
Fat that surrounds the vital organs in the trunk/stomach area of the body. People with too much internal body fat are at a higher risk of developing heart problems such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis and certain forms of cancer. Visceral fat cells produce dangerous hormones that predispose one to a clogging of the arteries. Lowering your Visceral Fat levels can stabilize insulin action substantially reducing your risk of diabetes and other related illnesses.

Visceral Fat Level,
1-4 : Excellent
5-8 : Medium
9-12 : Bad
More than 13 : Access Level/alarming

My visceral fat is 3. Lega tapi umur baru 19 tahun, jadi dah kena mula berjaga-jaga la. Kalau tak bila umur dah 30 tahun dah masuk kategori Bad, habis la.

Kalau nak diikutkan, aku dah tak nak turunkan berat badan, sebab tak nak jadi skinny tapi sebab body fat range tinggi jadi nak kena turunkan lagi. Jadi sekarang target untuk dapatkan badan yang sihat! InsyaAllah.

Keep calm and exercise!

Splash !


I can't believe that I'm going to be in this place for another 20 days++  without going out anywhere unless to the campus only.


The news about a guy who lost his kidney just to protecting himself from being robbed does make me scare.

Another story about a girl was molested on her way home from campus does scare me.

I feel vulnerable.

It is not safe here.

By the way, the town here is not that interesting, even I found it is difficult to get a t-shirt that is suitable for jogging. Most of the t-shirts are stretchable, body fitting and do show your body curve and I cannot tolerate that.

Other problem is, the taxi fare is expensive. To go to the campus, I have to pay for 10MYR. Luckily we have buses. To go to the "pekan", the fare is 12MYR. I'm broken :'(

Jogging is not that interesting. I barely see girls go jogging and that makes me scare to go jogging alone. Well. I love to go jogging by myself. It is my therapy. 

So, what I do on weekend? I watch all of my drama lists that I copied from Ani and borrow lots of novels from the library.

p/s: I got a classmate who I thought he is 19, but actually he is 22. Waa! A big gap, there.

Pesan Ibu


"Jangan senang-senang nak luahkan masalah pada lelaki, sebab nanti kamu akan jatuh cinta"

Aku fikir jugak kenapa Ibu cakap macam tu tapi bila dilihat balik keadaan sekeliling, kawan-kawan kan ramai, aku dapat jawapannya sendiri.

Perempuan ni senang je nak jatuh hati, kalau lelaki tunjuk perasaan caring sedikit pun, dah boleh jatuh hati. Sebab perempuan memang sukakan perlindungan. Walaupun sekeras mana pun kita tengok perempuan tu, sehebat mana pun dia, dia tetap mahukan seorang pelindung.

Sekian. :)

p/s : Aku memang tak reti nak layan lelaki yang tak nak jadi kawan, maka memang automatik aku jadi kaku.