Major Cleaning


I did a major cleaning to my room yesterday and usually when a girl is doing some cleaning, there must be some distractions. *Giggles. So, these are what I found yesterday.

1. My Pink Stripe Zebra Calculator
The calculator that I owned when I was in the third former. Before that I used fx-360 which was out-dated at that time and because there is no algebraic function in there (if I was not mistaken). So, some of you might know that I am officially leaving the science stream. So bye bye Dear Calculator. I am already missing Math :(

2. Stack of Felt Clothes
I do kill my time during this long break which is gonna end soon :( , by doing some little craft project, just for fun. I don't sell it but I make it as presents to friends and family. Nowadays, I find out, that I love to arrange things in colour-coordinated. I arranged my hanged clothes, and I want to arrange my shawls and tudung too but yeah, The Sims is more tempting.

4. Co-Curricular stuff

Now, I realize that I was a nerd during my high school year. I only owned few tags and no medals or trophy at all. (Dapat trofi pun maktab kebas :( - Sad Life ) I think I lost some of the tags because I just moved in into my new room and the old one has turned out into a storage room, so my stuff are scattered around.

Some of my brother's medal. He got all this when he is a first former and now he is a Form 3 student.

5.Colourful  Marker Pens

Faber Castell
Some of my collection. I love colourful notes, that's why I owned lots of marker pens but to create a wonderful note it does take a lot of time. So, it happened that I always fail in completing my revision. 

6. Buttons
Every button has their own story. When looking at them I will reminisce the past, it sounds cliche, isn't it ?

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