I'm telling


Few know about where will I be in this coming September, except if you ask me or stalk me. I don't believe the latter part. I don't want to tell you yet, because till now, my knowledge about that place is only 10%. Google doesn't help me enough. When I search about that place, the results are more about political issues rather than their college, faculty or facilities.

If you are smart enough, you should know, I'm not staying in UM after telling you this. :)

Alhamdulillah because I prayed that HE will place me at the best place for me but not the best place. Alhamdulillah because I got the course that I want.
Alhamdulillah because there are some of us that got the course that they don't ever choose.
Alhamdulillah because there are some of us  that even don't get any placement although their results, WOW! Dean List.

Count your blessings because I can't.

I will tell you about my where about when I settled there. Sincerely, I am kinda blur because of lack of information.

Clothes ? Food ? Transportation ? Facilities ? Subjects ? Schedules ? Lifestyles ?

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