It was my birthday last 27th March and the girls did something for me. Well I did expect them will bring me out for dinner but I never expect they will treat me like a PRINCESS !!


Tiara and balloons did make me think again, am I already 19 years old? They said that this is the last time I can be a princess, before the teenage period end. Sad. :(

Stop with the sappiness . Hmm. Who are they ?

These beautiful ladies.

 Asiah Fahmi a.k.a @Chiirocks
Farah M a.k.a @farahmstpha
Syira a.k.a @SyahiraBaharom
Nat a.k.a @natasha_sbk
Atul Ketul a.k.a @awesomeatul

the venue.

They chose to celebrate me at Marmalade . Marmalade is a restaurant located at the first floor of Bangsar Village II. The restaurant is awesome. Nice and cosy. Have a look at their websites !

The theme was vintage. The decoration of the restaurant  which really suits girls like us plus pink balloons do make it turn into a vintage-like party.  I really love it ! 

I don't have much time to update much. There are still a lot of uncovered topics which do turn me crazy. So less words are better but I warn you, there are lots of pictures !

They bought me Baskin Robbins ice cream cake ! :') The cake was marvellous.
Hug and kisses !
Syira, Chiirocks and I !
Syira, Atul and I !!!
Atul Ketul and Fina !
The pretty lady in the middle, Tasha !

DKU partner. Fina, Farah and Tasha
 Lots of people thought that we are no longer friends. Sorry people, we are still friends and we will be friend for forever. InsyaAllah. We always do some gossiping on weekend and sometimes we do hang out together, although we don't sit together at the Auditorium.

Syi and Atul

Syi and Chiirocks !

Mimicking a sad and dull party. LOL

Atul and Chiirocks !

Syi, Atul and Chiirocks !

Candid .


Chiirocks and Tasha !

Balloons !
Chiirocks and Tasha !

I just love this.

Six of us .

 They also gave me card ! Last minutes touch up. While Atul and Asiah were distracting me.

Syi and Farah

Asiah and Fina.

Atul Ketul !
Sepi. LOL

The Card ! Ok Plastic face. Hehehehe

Aww ! You guys are so sweet ! Sweet 19 Fina .

Pictures with each of them. Farah, Asiah, Syi, Atul and Nat !

 They forced me to wear the tiara, and walk around the Bangsar Village Mall. Seriously it will be totally embarrassing for me, but I did wear it in Bangsar Village II but when we were at Bangsar Village I, I insisted to not wear it, luckily Syi let me to not wear it. Love you !!

Nak tiru The Beatles ni cuma takde jalan raya je .

Thanks girls, I really appreciate it. Sincerely, I never expect this much! You guys still find a time to spend with me although I know you still have lots of topics to cover. With the exam which is just around the corner. I don't know how to say this in the best word to show how much I appreciate you guys but 

THANKS FARAH, SYI, ATUL, ASIAH and TASHA for such a memorable birthday.

THANKS for being my friends
THANKS for supporting me.
THANKS for loving me.
THANKS for accepting me from each good and bad sides.
THANKS for everything.

Msy we stay friends till Jannah. 
May you all be blessed. 
May Allah loves us. 
May HE guides us to the right path. 

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