Please ! I want this ! I really want it .



Cupcakes from Syamel ! Before this he baked an orange cake for us. Then, last week, he baked two boxes of Lemon Cupcakes for us . He is a guy who wanna be a doctor, but he has a rare hobby for a guy, which is baking. He did a great job ! Exotic choice of flavour, Lemon but they taste really nice !

This is Syamel.
Thanks Syamel for the lovely cupcakes. Lain kali boleh mintak lagi. XD Ngeee.

End of Mid Sem


We don't have Mid Sem break after the Mid Semester Examination as we just had a break two weeks before the exam. So we only have 2 days to let out all the stressful aura in our body. Hence we went out to have some great food and shopping !!

We finished Basic Chemistry 4 at 10 am. Luckily the killer subject of the semester was the last paper, so the excitement of finishing the exam is more than the frustrated feeling of the exam paper.

My friends (Syahira, Atul, Farah and Asiah) and I had a lunch outside of college. After a while we didn't go out, we wanted to try something different. So we chose Traditional Malaysian Food. We went to Restoran Rebung, owned by Chef Ismail who made a joint-venture with the Malaysian Astronaut Sheikh Muszaphar.

We had a buffet. The choices were variant, Siput Sedut Masak Lemak Cili Api, Kari Ikan Tenggiri, Ikan Keli Bakar, Laksa, Soto, Sambal Terung, Bergedel, Pajeri Nenas, Sambal Tempe and lots of scrumptious dishes. I am drooling while listing these food . There were lots of Traditional Kuih-Muih too, Kuih Sagu, Pulut Panggang, Puteri Mandi and lots of kuih which I don't know what is its name. Oh ! There were also Ais Batu Campur and Roti Jala !

Five of us .

The restaurant's decoration was nice too. With fresh orchids and good combination of colours.

Then we headed to Bangsar, as we wanted to help Asiah to find a dress for Malam Emas. There were lots of boutiques there, and if you are lucky enough you can get a nice dress around RM100. But, before the seeking started, we went to Bubbles, Bangsar to have the best Bubble Tea in town . I prefer Bubbles rather than Chatime.

Atul, the Mocha Lover

 It was tiring, searching through all over the boutiques there. Each boutique was nicely decorated according to their own style of fashion. It depends on what type of clothes they sell and fortunately we found a boutique with a studio decoration. Then, this was the result :

 Unfortunately, there was no suitable dress for Asiah. Then, we headed to Times Square for karaokeing !

Broga Hill


After two sneak peaks, here it comes, the full post. I had to wait for Asiah, because she is the only one who has Picasa Photo Editor in her laptop. Well, I don't have my laptop with me.

So this post is about our Broga Hill expedition. Broga Hill is located at Semenyih, Selangor, near to Nottingham University Campus. This was a last minute plan, planned by Atul, Hafiy and Weng.

For me, the activity was a kind of celebration after we ended the Mid-Term Examination. Less sleep, for past few days, and we still managed to wake up early at 4 in the morning.

We went there by three cars, driven by Faiqah, Hafiy and Luqman.

Luckily we had Farah, signboards and Mamak to navigate the way, well no one knows where the hell is Broga Hill.

The cars were parked at the bottom of the hill and we paid RM2 for parking ticket for each car.

The journey was started by just following a random team .

Unfortyunately, we chose the wrong route and it was super duper hard . The route was a new route and extremely dangerous. Well, it supposed to be easy . So, we decided to go back to the starting point and it was almost 6.30 am. Then, someone showed us the correct route. everyone tried to climb as fast as they can as everyone didn't want to miss the chance to see the sunrise.

Sliding through the wrong route.

Some of us managed to reach the top by 7am and Alhamdulillah, the sunrise was amazing.

Thanks to my jogging routine, I managed to climb the hill but it was really tiring. (Serious tak tipu)

Pendaki berjaya

The girls : Fina, Atul, Farah and Faiqah
But sadly, Natasha didn't join us till the top, she stopped and waited for us at the middle of the route. 

So, as usual, I don't write much, enjoy the pictures. ^^

First pit stop

Lalang dan Matahari

Bersama Retis TWITTER : Pop Sudeh

Faiqah, Farah, Umar

Farah Mustapha.

Then we continued the-so-called-expedition to much higher part . It could not be count as the top yet and I don't know which one is the top. There were lots of people there. 

I almost gave up because it was really exhausting, but suddenly a group of children of about 5 years old passed by me. 

What do you feel  when you see a bunch of tiny little kids beat you ?

They did boost up my spirit to go further. Thanks to those kids. :)

tired ?

We really enjoying the scenery. Snapping lots of pictures, I mean LOTS of PICTURES. We also did chit-chatting and gossip-mongering.


Atul, Hafiy and Luqman

Fina and Atul !

Luqman and Weng

Farah and Hafiy

Atul : Hotstuff

Weng menggila !
 We decided to go back, when it looked like it was going to rain. The breezy wind plus the dark sky. So we moved slowly.

 Actually, it was a false alarm, it didn't rain at all .

The expedition was cool but the side effect was great too . Muscle cramp in every parts of the body. =.=



Sedih bila tengok kawan baik, ditimpa musibah. 

Sedih bila tengok kawan yang sebelum ni sentiasa aktif, tiba-tiba hanya mampu terbaring di atas katil.

Makannya disuap, berjalan tak larat . Tidur sepanjang masa.

Sedih bila tahu dia tak dapat bergerak lincah seperti dulu.

Sedih bila tengok seorang remaja berjiwa besar, cita-cita ingin menjadi seorang Neurosurgeon, tapi kini dia berada di Wad Neuro akibat kemalangan.

Sedih tak dapat nak bergelak ketawa seperti dulu.

Moga dia terus kuat.

Moga dia terus tabah.

Moga dia ditetapkan iman.

Moga ini mendekatkan dirinya pada yang Maha Esa.

Mohon doakan sahabat saya, Nurul Suhaila Alias semoga terus kuat, tabah dan cepat sembuh. InsyaAllah .

Sneak peak (ii)


Sorry, I still can't update the full version. Can't get the Picasa yet .