The Proposal


Have you already watched the video ?

It is sweet indeed but I don't prefer that way . It is better if the guy meet my parents first rather than proposing me . I 'm okay with that, let my parents tell me that you proposed me not you dear my unknown future husband . It is more appropriate .

I just got back from my cousin's wedding . Raja Mohd Affan and our new family member Nurul Ain Azmy. 

It was nice, they did it in a such nice way . No need to be an extravaganza wed, it was a moderate wedding .  The thing that snapped me was, during the "upacara pembatalan wudhu' " . They were nervous, their hands  were trembling as when you see a Parkinson's patient to be exact .  Hihihi , hiperbola .

It was the first time for them to sit near to each other, and to hold each others hand . The feeling will never be same if you are used to meet your mate-to-be, holding each others hand, talking frequently and do everything together . 

picture courtesy to my beloved cousin : NANA

May they live happily in barakah . 

p/s : they both are dentist :)

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