People Expectations


"People expect you that you will marry a rich person because you are beautiful"
-Ramai je orang yang cantik kahwin dengan orang biasa-biasa-

"People expect you will become the best student as you came from a good school"
-It just a school not a brain generator-

"People expect that you can run faster because you are wearing Adidas Running Shoes"
-Lari perlukan stamina bukan kasut, pakai crocs pun boleh lari-

"People expect that you are rich when they saw you wearing LV handbag"
-Petaling Street punya nak sama dengan yang dekat butik tu-

Living in people expectation is such a mess . You will feel bad when people are disappointing with you, although you are satisfied with what you had achieved . You are trying to accept what you had gained, but then, when people said "Why you cannot get any better ?" What will you feel, then ?

You have tried your best, but the outcome is still not the best, you have to accept it . Am I right ? You cannot question Allah, "Why you gave me this Allah ?" What if, he doesn't give you anything . At least you have to feel thankful . You are still alive, you can try again . He plans everything perfectly . You are nobody to question that.

Life is circling, there must be a day when we are on the top, there must be a day when you will be at the bottom. You have to accept that . I have to accept that . You will not be on the peak everyday, sometime you must know what do really happen at the bottom .

Why am I writing this ?

Because, now I knew the feeling of being among the worst . As, before this I was always at the top of the class, but now I was at the bottom. Now the wheel had cycled . I started to think, I tried, to put myself in others people shoes . I was get used to get a good result and now, I know the feeling of having a bad result . At least, I learned something .

My tips :

1. When you feel bad, think of others who might be less unfortunate than you .

2. Back to Quran, say Bismillahirahmanirrahim, and read the tafsir . 
-I've done that on that day, and the first surah I read was Maryam . Getting bad result is better than getting pregnant without marriage .

3. Keep in your mind that, this is a test . Allah loves you .

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