nonsense ranting



5 papers to go .

6 days more .


I'm coming home .

Tell the world I'm coming . XD

Ecstasy .

5th  November 2011


Edisi Istimewa buat Shinrui Enja


Shinrui Enja ini merupakan nama "batch Form 5" MRSM Kuala Berang tahun 2011. Teringin berkongsi sesuatu dengan mereka . Maksud Shinrui Enja ini Aimi Jalil yang bagitahu, maknanya keluarga dan sahabat . Moga ukhwah antara mereka terus erat .

Buat adik-adikku yang bakal menghadapi SPM mulai 14 Nov ini ,


SPM bukan penentu segalanya, tetapi SPM bakal mempengaruhi banyak keputusan . Gagal dalam SPM tak bermakna gagal dalam hidup . Masih ada cara lain untuk berjaya . Apa yang penting usaha kita . Bukan usaha menggunakan jalan yang serong tapi usaha dengan seikhlas hati . Allah akan memberi ganjaran seiring dengan usaha yang kita lakukan .


Kadang kala kita akan berasa putus asa, ambil sedikit masa untuk berehat . Itu bukan tanda mahu mengalah, cuma mahu mengambil sedikit ruang untuk bernafas . Jangan memaksa diri , kerana jikalau badan bertindak secara negatif, padahnya lebih besar . Jaga kesihatan, jaga pemakanan, jaga hati sendiri dan orang sekeliling .

Minta ampun dan maaf pada orang tua, keluarga, guru-guru, rakan taulan, "juniors" dan orang sekitar, termasuk mak cik, kakak, abang DS, pak cik jaga, staf-staf dan semua yang bersangkut-paut dengan kita . Moga doa mereka sentiasa mengiringi . Tidak lupa juga pohon ampun pada yang MAHA ESA .

Sabar itu satu kunci yang membantu kita untuk terus menghadapi cabaran . Setiap orang menghadapi  pelbagai masalah. Hari demi hari ujian, dugaan datang menjengah, tapi kita harus ingat ujian mati itu lebih berat untuk dihadapi .


Be patient and be tough, someday this pain will be useful to you .
-Cecelia Ahern-


Buat pembakar semangat . :)



p/s : Tahniah di atas kejayaan dalam Ranking MRSM . Semoga semakin meningkat ! 




pandai-pandai bagi nasihat, nasib diri sendiri tak tahu lagi . =,=

nonsense ranting




This is so ME !


This had happened past few days

I had been through this .

TODAY : FQAH0112 , Reproduction , Ecology and Development of Organisms

tulisan nak besar aje . XD

hang out



I had been busy yesterday . It was not because of what everyone else here doing which is study but I went out with some of my friends . Felt guilty at first but I was in stress so I thought it was better if I went out for a while.

The persons who were responsible to take me out were , these five people !



MIMI ASMIDA RIDHWAN , the plan maker .


Lutfi called Farah M first but Farah M didn't want to follow them . Of course, only crazy people such as me would follow them . =,= Then he called me, I was the replacement . Sob-Sob .

We went to KLCC by car drove by OPEQ . They decided to watch a movie . There were two choices Real Steel and Paranormal Activity 3 . The tickets for Real Steel were almost sold out because the available seats were only at the front rows . Lots of people said that the movie was great but I thought it was not worthy to sit near too the screen. Then we checked for Paranormal Activity 3, there were still lots of seats left . So, we chose Paranormal Activity 3 .

Then we went to Kinokuniya because Lutfi, Nawal and Mimi wanted to find International Baccalaureate books . The books are expensive . Luckily I am a foundation student, to sum up, all of my books are about RM 400 but an IB book costs at least RM 200 .

I did search for the latest book from Rick Riordan, Son of Neptune . After failing to search by myself, I surrendered and asked the worker there, it was on the upper rack but I am too short , :( so I didn't see it at first .

Ain , who told me about the book . Well ! I didn't have time to search about novels since my Final Examination is still ongoing . Pheww ! 3 down, 6 more to go . I didn't buy the novel because I'm afraid if I can't control the urge to read that novel . Son of Neptune , wait for me baby . I will get you before I'm going home next week .

When you hang out with friends, to choose which restaurant for lunch is a usual problems . Everyone prefers different eatery . So, do us . After circling the area, then the best choice is Signature . There were various of food, and everybody could buy anything that they like .

It was a mini reunion for CHAOS !!

I was shocked by DOME and EPUL . They came in uniform . WOW !! They were trained to be disciplined . They were from UPNM . Soldier ! Soldier ! Soldier !

The hair can't be let to grow longer, they have to cut it twice a month or maybe every weeks .


EPUL was shy at first .

snap ! This is EPUL .

After buying some food, we went into the cinema , We smuggled the food . Thanks for our big bags . Hehe . The movie was boring at the beginning but when it came closer to the end it getting suspense and eerie . Lutfi and Zhafir were screaming almost the time . =,=

Overall the movie was nice .


We wandered around, and did look at few gadgets . Nawal was surveying the Ipod . We just need to wait for a few months, till the price become cheaper .

Then we headed outside, to the park .Lutfi promised me to teach me about the technique to remember the Menstrual Cycle . Although I am a girl but it is hard for me to memorize that .=,= Tomorrow I will be sitting for FQAH0112 : Reproduction, Ecology and Development of Organisms .

Eating .

Smiling .

Awww . This is cute . I mean the cat .


Psychological Game


Try this game and hope you like it . Farah M who recommended it to me .

After watching the video go to this PAGE

I had tried it . So the result were.

The CUBE represents me

1. The cube size is small
So, my ego is not that big

2. The cube is solid
Yes, I am a private person, I don't share my private feelings to others often .

3.The cube is made out of something strong and solid
I am strong . Yeah !

4. The cube is 3D
I have a deep personality .
What does it means ?

4.The cube is on Earth
I am a down to earth person . Down to Earth means practical and realistic . Hmm I am practical ? Realistic ?

5. The cube is at the centre .
I love attention and I like to be praised . Yes I have to agree with that . 

6. The colour of the cube is Dark Red
Dark colour means I always think negatively and Red is the colour of dominance, power, love and sexual energy . Red cube also means that I am attention seeker .
Latety I always become pessimist and YES I am attention seeker .

The LADDER represents my friends

1. The ladder is close to the cube but it does not lean on the cube .
The closer the ladder the closer my friends, yes they are close .

2. The ladder is brown
Brown shows stability . I don't get it, what is the meaning of it ?

The HORSE represents my ideal partner and how I behave in my relationship. 

1. The horse is a domestic horse
I want to be in control and I always want to know where my partner is and what is he doing but I am not a possessive person as the horse is not tied to the cube .
WOAH ! It seems like I am a Queen Control . Pity him .

2. The distance between the cube and the horse is far
The distance shows my relationship distance .
Erm . I don't know who is him ?

3.  The horse is standing still
That means I want a partner that always stays at home and rarely travel.
But, I love travelling . 

The STORM represents how I deal with my difficulties in life .

1. It is a big storm
Then, I always try to make drama out of something and I also seeing a big problem in my life .
Yes, I think exam is a big deal . Isn't it ?

Go and try it !




It is madness that turns me into this . Liking people's old status , is something that usually people don't do on the night of exam but it happen to me . Mwehehehe .


Sims pun nak jugak .

Owh . How I miss my homeroom . Daddy and siblings .

Normal .



Erm . Pointing somewhere, maybe ?

Our trademark .

Eeeew . Mweheehhehe

Seriously . Are you annoyed ?







Pray for me . Tomorrow : FB0111, English Preparatory Course

p/s : This is the weirdest .


nonsense ranting

Good Life


I just got motivated by myself . Heehehe .

When I thought of how the pointer calculation is conducted, I still have the chance . Although I could not answer Physics Basic 1 well.

At PASUM, we learn Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math . The pointer is calculated from the 3 best subjects but Math is mandatory . You have to score well in Math and two others subjects are either Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

The level of the questions are same as what the A-level students faced . Although we learn using the STPM and Matriculation textbooks but the question are 360 degree different .

Physics is disastrous but I have two others subjects . Mwehehehe . [ayat sedapkan hati]

OK . Bye peeps . Have tons of books to digest . Pray for me . Assalamualaikum  . :) Have a good life !

nonsense ranting

Time is priceless


Today I totally agree with that phrase " Time is priceless" . YES ! I hope I can buy sometime . What is the use of studying but you don't have enough time to answer the questions ? Speed is important . 

Done with FMAX0111, Basic Physics 1 . Goodbye FMAX0111 !


Overall is mediocre. The questions are easy if you prepared well but I left a few questions with blank pages .

I don't expect I will get good marks but I hope for a miracle to happen .

Farah was sitting beside David Zachary, the boy who got the first rank during the mid-sem last few months . She said that, David was answering the questions slowly and calmy . Duh ! How he did that ?

I answered the questions as fast as possible, but I still could not finish it all . :'(

Tomorrow : FB0111 English Preparatory Course .


Joke of the night


The 5th post of today .

Mwehehehe . Inilah rupanya orang "tension" . Tension ? Tension, force . Otakku sudah penuh . Saturated pun boleh .

FMAX0111, Basic Physics 1 . 9.30 pagi -11.30 pagi .


Yang berbaring ini sahabat saya, Lutfi Adam . Dia boleh buat aksi gila di mana-mana sahaja, termasuklah KLIA ! Hmmm . Engineer-to-be . Tapi pemikiran matang macam orang tua . Sampaikan diriku tidak mengerti . Lawatlah blog dia di SINI .

Zhafir Ashraf pula hanya mampu pasrah . Kasihan dia malam ini, MU kalah dengan Man City, namun dia tetap positif .

Oh, lupa, gambar ini saya ambil daripada Taufiq . Blognya juga menarik . Jemput baca SEMUA MENDENGAR .

My tutor : Youtube


OK, I know I should stop blogging, it is my 4th post of the day but I wanna tell you about my tutors . Being a foundation student, with packed schedule, makes me have no time to see the lecturers . [Alasan je, boleh je pergi masa lunch tapi kena skip lunch la].

So, I have to find another initiative . The easiest way is through Youtube . There are lots of videos that useful for me . So , I wanna list a few of my favourites channel .

1. Patrick JMT

2. KhanAcademy

3. Derek Owen


5. Free lance teach

Sharing is caring . :)

nonsense ranting



Ini adalah keadaan saya sekarang . !@$@$$%@%^


Badan macam dah tak betul, nak muntah, tunggu je la esok aku muntahkan atas kertas . Mengalami masalah untuk fokus buat satu jangka masa panjang . Maka hasilnya buku dan laptop kini menggunakan sistem giliran . Tengok buku barang 30 minit, kemudian laptop pula . =,=

Betapa inginkan 4Flat tapi usahaku tidak segiat orang lain . Ramai yang sudah berubah menjadi zombie di sini, tidur pukul 5 pagi bangun pukul 7 pagi . Hairan aku . Badanku tidak mampu untuk berbuat demikian .


Akhir kata, semoga berjaya rakan-rakan ! 



Somehow I miss my classmates . 5 Chaos people ! The most awesome class ever !

The people .

The madness.

The laughter

The moment

The weirdness

I miss them .

Wish me the best for my Final EXAM, starting from tomorrow, 24th October till 4th November.

Syahira advanced birthday !


I slept after studying biology, oh I slept for 3 hours, thought it was a quick nap but it turned into evil slumber.  I woke up , then Asiah came to my room and asked whether I wanna go jogging or not but I insisted as the weather was not so nice for jogging .

Then I said " Let's dancing! " Dancing is a great exercise , at least you will sweat . So we headed to her room. Atul was there .

Atul was studying while Syahira was meeting her sister at that time but the internet connection was not so good . So we cannot dance . :(

So we just chit chatting. There was a box of cake on the table . The curiosity kills the cat so do Asiah but she did not kill any cat, she try to peep inside the box but saw nothing. So we waited for Syahira to come in. After Syahira was in the room, she opened the box . Wallah !

This is the cake . Awesome enough to make her cried .

Her sister Kak Ina made this special for her . How I wish to be a great sister like her but I don't think my brothers would like this kind of surprise . Boys are different . 

Maybe if I give him the original jersey of his favourite footbal team or maybe if I give him the latest edition of the basketball shoes he would love it very much . That if it was Aiman .

My parents are worry of him, he is procrastinating too much . Me too actually . Mwehehe . He said that "takpe, result teruk pun duduk sekolah tu jugak." I was joking with my mum, don't worry he said the true thing, the school will not kick him out .

If Ammar maybe he would like if I treat him a vacation to Genting Highland or if I give him with the latest PSP . I don't know what is the latest, PS3 I guess .
He is good in English better than me compare to when I was 11 years old , but everyone has their own weakness, he is not so good in math . My father always says that he wants to send him to any tahfiz school because he is good in memorizing . He did agree with that, he wants to go to Imtiaz . You can google Imtiaz if you want to know more about it .

If Amsyar, he loves it if I buy lots of cartoon DVDs and maybe gameboy also . He also knows how to search for cartoon using Youtube . I know nothing about internet when I was 7 years old but this boy is too advance .
We always end up in sparing . He always kicks me. =,= He has a green belt in Taekwondo if I was not mistaken . [I lost track of his taekwondo activity since I am away from home]. It seems like, Aiman is his idol, he will try everything that Aiman did from football to basketball.

Boys love games . I cannot deny it but I am lucky enough to not have younger sisters as maybe I have to take them for shopping spree everytime I meet them . Pokai la eden .

I should write about Syahira advanced birthday but I miss my brothers too much . Sorry then . Back to the topic . Advanced birthday ? Why it is advanced ? Actually Syahira's birthday is this Monday but this Monday we will be sitting for our first paper for the First Final Semester . Wish us for the best !!

Let have a look on the cake .

I love Kpop ! Syahira is the big fan of Kpop !

I see 2Pm there .

Syahira and Kak Ina at the back .

1. There are Syahira and Atul with the VIP concert tickets . Both of them are big fans of Kpop . 
2. Atikah, Farah M and Syahira .
3. Mak Su [Syahira] and her niece .

Twitter is there !

Syahira and her Mom

She's looking at the pictures !

This is the birthday girl . She was crying before . Mata sudah sepet .

We [Atul, Asiah and me] also did a video but it looked fake but we have to keep this memories somewhere I guess . So we did recording a video of us singing Happy Birthday but Farah M was not here . Sob . Sob . Sob .

Snap . Snap . Snap

Uhmmm . The carpet looks nice . 

Actually, I was locked outside of my room . My roommate went to the cafe and she locked the door and I forgot to bring my keys along . Blame me. Then, Asiah invited me to have dinner with her in her room, we ate Nasi Beriani Ayam Madu Mahbub with Syahira as Atul still full and did not want to join us . Actually Atul who bought the Nasi Beriani . Thanks Atul !! 

Luckily by 7 Ain, my roommate was in the room already . I went back to my room and found out a plastic of Dunkin Donuts !! YEAY !

Pah [Farah Hazwani] gave it to me and supposedly to Farah M too, but Farah M asked me to finish them up . Never mind I will treat her later . 

The Chocolate donut

The Oreo donut

Thanks to Allah because of his kindness . Alhamdulilah . Shut the laptop down  FINA !! Adios !