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It's Thursday and I just cover a few topics for the coming Mid Sem Examination. Huh ! What am I doing during this break ?

I finished a few novels . The addiction is unbearable. In the past two months I don't even manage to finish any novel, but in few days of break I did it .

And, the exam keep haunting me, but I need a break, so I just forgot the stack of notes and worksheet on my study table and keep reading. =,=

I was distracted by them

Shadow kiss. I found the book in Kinokuniya !! After seeking for it for a long time . So, next blood promise and Spirit Bound. The damn hot Dimitri turned into a strigoi . It saddens me . 

The 7 Hari Mencintaiku was really annoyed me sometimes, the main lead Mia Adriana was a spoiled woman, and "gedik" but her husband was so kind. Where can you find a very patient husband like him ?

The third book that I had finished was Last Sacrifice, it took a day to finish it . I bought the book three months ago because its hard to search for the book. I suppose to read Blood Promise and Spirit Bound before proceed to Last Sacrifice but the urge to finish it was very strong. Maybe I will read it again after finishing Blood Promise and Spirit Bound.

There are few more books that I still can't manage to finish it, I really hope the Final Sem Break in the early November can be used to finish them all.

Last night we, the Pasumian were on TV !! Its funny when I saw a guy was crying. More detailed in this entry .

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