what is SPC??
SPC = Skim Pelajar Cemerlang
this scholarship is special for only MARA students..
so be grateful..

how to get this scholarship??

1. your pointer is at least 3.00 but for medic's students you have to get at least B+ in every subject...
2.soft skills is needed [of course MARA only wants a well rounded person]

about 60 students from MRSM KUALA BERANG were listed to go to the interview..
its great!
ok.. nothing to say more..


the air in the bus was like pasar payang as they hung their clothes in it..

tea time!!
we stopped at R&R bandar cheneh baru, kemaman..

fried noodles from DS.. yummy!!!
zuriati's mum was so kind to let us stay at her home during the afternoon as her house was in front of the mrsm kuantan and she treated us with nasi ayam!!!

lunch time!! yummy!!!
but some of the students were so nervous as they didn't have their lunch..

i chose medic's scholarship in UIA..

in my interview, i was asked about

1. the difference between benign and malignant
[i can't answer this easy question well, because i was confused at that time and poor me, the interviewer was a biology teacher]

2. i had to tell the interviewer about how mamogram is conducted
[i never know the process in detailed, but she kept asking me to explain it step by step..]

3. what is pap smear for??
[i only know pap smear is used when we want to detect cancerous cell in woman but the answer is cervix cancer.. ]

so, moral of the story is be prepared with all the common topic in the field that you choose..

after the interview,

three beauty : farah,farihah and ezureen

farah, qilah and me..

time is money right??
while waiting for others to finish their interview, we didn't waste our time..
we went crazy snapping picture!!!

this is mukmin..

in the mrsm kuantan's library..

reflection of light..

we are in purple!!!

corporate style...

but, in the evening, it was raining!!!
so they were stuck under the gazebo..
where was i??
i was at the hall... huhu

zhafir and I,
I was wet!!
this is zhafir..
he never let me go if there is no his picture in my album..

we went for dinner at teluk cempedak..
so we chose McD as i couldn't eat kfc's anymore..
when you have kfc's 3 times in a week, you will understand the feeling.. =)

i think my face was so funny...

we stopped at R&R Bandar Cheneh Baru again..
while waiting for the bus drivers, we enjoying ourselves..

my homeroom with our trademark..

this was the peak!!!

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