the DR title


this is the dr after you got the medical degree not the phd..

after you got the title,

1. people will think you are perfect.. you will never get sick
[typical quote : dr pon sakit ke??]

2.welcome to the world where your needs are aside..
[you have to be selfless]

3.forget about sleep..

4.the first 3 years are crucial
[so many who give up, because they can't bear the pressure.. students nowadays are smarter but can't be a good dr]

5.your family must be really understanding..
[they should know you can't spend lots of time with them]

6. but there is still nobody die because of being a doctor =)

haha.. i'm writing like i'm already a dr..
but i got these from a dr..
so, i keep thinking, should i be a DOCTOR???

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