nonsense ranting

the DR title


this is the dr after you got the medical degree not the phd..

after you got the title,

1. people will think you are perfect.. you will never get sick
[typical quote : dr pon sakit ke??]

2.welcome to the world where your needs are aside..
[you have to be selfless]

3.forget about sleep..

4.the first 3 years are crucial
[so many who give up, because they can't bear the pressure.. students nowadays are smarter but can't be a good dr]

5.your family must be really understanding..
[they should know you can't spend lots of time with them]

6. but there is still nobody die because of being a doctor =)

haha.. i'm writing like i'm already a dr..
but i got these from a dr..
so, i keep thinking, should i be a DOCTOR???

sekolah kampung pauh



what is SPC??
SPC = Skim Pelajar Cemerlang
this scholarship is special for only MARA students..
so be grateful..

how to get this scholarship??

sekolah kampung pauh

dyna versus chaos!!


bunyinya macam ultraman dyna lawan raksasa jer..

dyna : 5 dinamik
chaos : 5 cemerlang

lau kelas lain plak..
5 amanah : adorable
5 efisien : exodus
5 bestari : erm ape ek?? xtau la..

kitorg sje jer ltak nme cam 2..
boring pkai nme laen, sme je ngan bdak form 2, 3 dgn 4..

ok.. back to the topic..
actually bkn lwn2 pon, g makan jer... hehehe

sbnrnye ade jamuan makan kelas add math..
cg add math kitorg yg tersayang cg rohaidah yg ajak..
dah la mse 2 tgh sengkek..
tp x bleh kne pergi jgk..

ni lah dia, cg rohaidah kesayangan...

nonsense ranting

cuci sawang!!!


ok, setelah BERHIBERNASI,
skrg nk bukak kitab sejarah bnyk jgk la nak post ni, sbb dlu x smpt nk post..
ok.. susun dulu..
1. Reks di pagi jumaat
2. release tense at kenyir..
3. dyna vs chaos
4. spc's interview
5. graduation day
6. trip to white sand..

ok!! hope i can finish it..


peace contest???


another tag..
from ayu, a good friend i had met at csr rebung.,.
the tag ask me to post a picture with i'm posing the peace sign..
but now, i realise that i never had a peace pose..
huhu.. sorry ayu,..

i do only have an ok pose..
so, i think i don't have to tag anybody.. =p




ok i got an award from my sissy...

tp ble kne tag, kne jwb soalan lah...

1. berikan nickname utk sy...
-jasmin al zahra

2.ucapan utk pmbri award ni
thx 2 k. khalifah yg tag sy..
ok blog anda sgt menarik
dan ceria
with mix of colours...

3. berikan 6 favrot artist/singer/group yg kmu minat
- david archuletta
-maher zain
-mr big
-maksim mrvica
-miley cyrus

4. tag award ni kpd 5 blogger..
-k.cda [sila rajinkan diri anda]
-ayu [ninja kecik]