sekolah kampung pauh

it's so fast


sedar x sedar, SPM dah dekat..
x rse pon mcm 2 bln dok kt mktb..
tup2 blk..
dan every week aq kluar.. haha

ok jom buka hikayat!!

sekolah kampung pauh



it's all about the maserati phantom's grand annual dinner..
the venue was at Terengganu Equesterian Resort, KT
and was held on 15th Oct 2010..

being the one of the committee members
made me became one of the busiest person that night..
but there still lots of pictures!!
haha... grinning =)

ok pics time!!!

sekolah kampung pauh



tomorrow i will face an interview that can change my future,
ok, on the 10th november, i will go to MRSM Kuantan to have the SPC's interview
i'm quite nervous now..
because i'm not so ready yet..
i'm still wondering, is this the right path for me???