nonsense ranting

it's the time for LEAVING..


today i will continue my journey to reach the sky high..
score 9A+ is not easy as people always say
no pain no gain..

i have to change my plan..
i can't be to relax as before..
everyone is asking when do i study??
my answer, i study during prep time lah..



selamat hari raya
happy eid mubarak

i got this from somewhere...


Why you should marry an Engineer Let me tell you why girls should eventually marry an engineer over a Law, Management, Arts or Medical School Graduate. He has three distinct advantages over the rest of the graduates.

nonsense ranting


weekend ni spent kt uma, sje gedik nk blk lps abes exm..
wlaopn exm x abes ag sbnr nye.. huk3
ni nk kene blk mktb plak..
org len dh start cuti rye pon,
tp aq???