nonsense ranting

the DR title


this is the dr after you got the medical degree not the phd..

after you got the title,

1. people will think you are perfect.. you will never get sick
[typical quote : dr pon sakit ke??]

2.welcome to the world where your needs are aside..
[you have to be selfless]

3.forget about sleep..

4.the first 3 years are crucial
[so many who give up, because they can't bear the pressure.. students nowadays are smarter but can't be a good dr]

5.your family must be really understanding..
[they should know you can't spend lots of time with them]

6. but there is still nobody die because of being a doctor =)

haha.. i'm writing like i'm already a dr..
but i got these from a dr..
so, i keep thinking, should i be a DOCTOR???

sekolah kampung pauh



what is SPC??
SPC = Skim Pelajar Cemerlang
this scholarship is special for only MARA students..
so be grateful..

how to get this scholarship??

sekolah kampung pauh

dyna versus chaos!!


bunyinya macam ultraman dyna lawan raksasa jer..

dyna : 5 dinamik
chaos : 5 cemerlang

lau kelas lain plak..
5 amanah : adorable
5 efisien : exodus
5 bestari : erm ape ek?? xtau la..

kitorg sje jer ltak nme cam 2..
boring pkai nme laen, sme je ngan bdak form 2, 3 dgn 4..

ok.. back to the topic..
actually bkn lwn2 pon, g makan jer... hehehe

sbnrnye ade jamuan makan kelas add math..
cg add math kitorg yg tersayang cg rohaidah yg ajak..
dah la mse 2 tgh sengkek..
tp x bleh kne pergi jgk..

ni lah dia, cg rohaidah kesayangan...

nonsense ranting

cuci sawang!!!


ok, setelah BERHIBERNASI,
skrg nk bukak kitab sejarah bnyk jgk la nak post ni, sbb dlu x smpt nk post..
ok.. susun dulu..
1. Reks di pagi jumaat
2. release tense at kenyir..
3. dyna vs chaos
4. spc's interview
5. graduation day
6. trip to white sand..

ok!! hope i can finish it..


peace contest???


another tag..
from ayu, a good friend i had met at csr rebung.,.
the tag ask me to post a picture with i'm posing the peace sign..
but now, i realise that i never had a peace pose..
huhu.. sorry ayu,..

i do only have an ok pose..
so, i think i don't have to tag anybody.. =p




ok i got an award from my sissy...

tp ble kne tag, kne jwb soalan lah...

1. berikan nickname utk sy...
-jasmin al zahra

2.ucapan utk pmbri award ni
thx 2 k. khalifah yg tag sy..
ok blog anda sgt menarik
dan ceria
with mix of colours...

3. berikan 6 favrot artist/singer/group yg kmu minat
- david archuletta
-maher zain
-mr big
-maksim mrvica
-miley cyrus

4. tag award ni kpd 5 blogger..
-k.cda [sila rajinkan diri anda]
-ayu [ninja kecik]


sekolah kampung pauh

it's so fast


sedar x sedar, SPM dah dekat..
x rse pon mcm 2 bln dok kt mktb..
tup2 blk..
dan every week aq kluar.. haha

ok jom buka hikayat!!

sekolah kampung pauh



it's all about the maserati phantom's grand annual dinner..
the venue was at Terengganu Equesterian Resort, KT
and was held on 15th Oct 2010..

being the one of the committee members
made me became one of the busiest person that night..
but there still lots of pictures!!
haha... grinning =)

ok pics time!!!

sekolah kampung pauh



tomorrow i will face an interview that can change my future,
ok, on the 10th november, i will go to MRSM Kuantan to have the SPC's interview
i'm quite nervous now..
because i'm not so ready yet..
i'm still wondering, is this the right path for me???

nonsense ranting

status for right now...


list of thing must be missed after i left the college
+ handout!!!
+ distribute handout
+ got a hill of handout in a day..
+ busy completing the homework
+ being scolded by teacher.. =p

SPM.... 26 days more..

nonsense ranting

it's the time for LEAVING..


today i will continue my journey to reach the sky high..
score 9A+ is not easy as people always say
no pain no gain..

i have to change my plan..
i can't be to relax as before..
everyone is asking when do i study??
my answer, i study during prep time lah..



selamat hari raya
happy eid mubarak

i got this from somewhere...


Why you should marry an Engineer Let me tell you why girls should eventually marry an engineer over a Law, Management, Arts or Medical School Graduate. He has three distinct advantages over the rest of the graduates.

nonsense ranting


weekend ni spent kt uma, sje gedik nk blk lps abes exm..
wlaopn exm x abes ag sbnr nye.. huk3
ni nk kene blk mktb plak..
org len dh start cuti rye pon,
tp aq???

sekolah kampung pauh

m0ck interview!!


kami diberi amaran agar tidak lewat ke roll call pada hari tersebut..
haha, ye la kitorg kan pkai bju lawa2, smart plak 2..
so, cg kte kn pkai bju lawa2 kene lari pusing mktb sbb dtg lmbt..

nonsense ranting



hmm.. mls nk ckp sal blk rmh..
x tau ble bleh blk..
standardize 2 aq lalui dgn selamat.. haha
bio c la..

nonsense ranting


i'm homesick..
bnyk keje..
homework bnyk dah biase...

sekolah kampung pauh



what's that???
not the YEAR END SALE,
actually this is the YOUNG EXCELLENT STUDENT program..
there are 27 groups if i was not mistaken..

permulaan yang sangat memenatkan...


hmmm... naik form 5 nie, rse mcm x ckp tnh dah nak jalan...
berkejar kesana ke mari, lgi2, ngan hostel yg lebih jauh dri dlu.. dan lepas ni pndh hostel bru yg lg jauh dan berh#nt#...