sekolah kampung pauh

FROG disection!!!


okay.. a few weeks ago, my biology lab practical is frog disection..
guess what??
i feel very excited to do this lab practical..
firrstly we have to catch a few frogs..
alive frog i mean..

this is when we made the frogs fainted... we put chlorofom into the box which the frogs are put in..

after the frogs are unconscious or fainted, each group has to choose a frog, and put it on the disection tray..
actually this is not the real tray, we use chopping board..

then from each group one of the members has to cut the upper skin carefully..
this is epul, he was shivering while cutting the upper layer..
i think his adrenaline gland secreted adrenaline hormone, or maybe the glucose in his body is still not enough.. huhu

now he is trying to cut and peel the second layer of the skin..

ok, now we can see the organs in the frog..
we are quite lucky to disect this frog because we can see the eggs..
the black colour is the eggs..
this frog didn't put it in the water yet.. (sbb kitorg dh amek katak ni dlu utk di bedah)

the next dr.. insyaALLAH

i think i can touch frog after this..

dr. amri

trying to take the eggs..

from a closer look...
i can see the heart is pumping..
dup dap dup dap

time to kill the frog, we cut the heart.. (so cruel.. hihi)

my group...

ayong with the katak...

after finishing our lab prac, we buried the frogs...
this is mimi, the undertaker.. (k0ya!!!)

the froggieee

frogs in memory..

their grave..

the frogs are buried in there... he3

nonsense ranting

currently SESAT at bangi..


ha3.. lawak siot la..
org plg bermalam blk rmh..
aq ni blk rmh mak sdare..
bdk2 slgr rmai yg x blk slgr, diaorg blk rmh kwn yg duk trg ni..
aq, bdk trg, g slgr..
huhu.. rse klaka la..
skrg ni x leh upload lg gmba2..
sbb bateri kmra x de lg..
nanti dah ade bteri bru bleh pkai..
bnyk nk cter ni..
hri raye..
bedah katak..
kem prs..
tp tnggu la dlu eh..
aq cuti smpai hri isnin ni..
terkejut mlm td ade org hntr msj..
n pg ni, cg kte hq mara antr srt pkl 3 ptg smlm..
kte cti smpai hri isnin..
he3.. hepi..