AOAL: Hedwig Books and Cafe


I have been dreaming to open a book café for quite some time because there is no book café near my place but now I do not have to start up an f&b business anymore. There is one already! It is Hedwig Books and Café. Surprisingly, it is in Kota Bahru, Kelantan which is near to my house. Well, 40 minutes is considered near for orang kampong who always shop for stuff at the city.

What makes it more interesting is, the theme of the café itself is based on Harry Potter! Oh my god! For a potterhead like me, it is like going to Hogwarts already. So much exaggeration, I know.

They serve coffee, desserts and pasta but I asked for pasta at 12pm and they said, they did not have it, maybe yet? The thing is, I already confirmed with them on the Instagram page that they do serve pasta during brunch or lunch hour. Hmm.. I was a bit disappointed that afternoon.

I ordered coffee and took away two desserts. Honestly, the coffee tasted mediocre but worth the price (about RM7-RM8 for hot mocha and hot chocolate). The desserts were a bit disappointing because they were too sweet to my liking. It is Kelantan anyway, the land of sweetness.

The are various choice of books too and they provide rental service. If I live in KB, I would rent a book or two but I do not go to KB as often as I did, so I do not want to take the risk. 

Anyway, the best thing about the place is, there are a few choices of board games. It is a suitable place to hang out with friends and play games instead of pretending to talk while scrolling Instagram. My brother and I tried a few board games and we were joined by two tiny friends. One was, a daughter of a customer and the other one was the little boss. He was chatty and he showed us how to play Harry Potter Scrabble. I admit, that Harry Potter Scrabble is another level of Scrabble game. It was a bit hard but fun.

For those who yet cannot afford to go to Harry Potter Universal Studio, fret not, you can unleash your inner modelling talent here. They have the Hogwarts cloaks with some glasses and a wand for you to pose but if you only plan to go there for the props, uh-uh you won't get a chance because they are strictly for customers only.

Anyway, this is a video that I edited based on my instastories.


Adventure of a lifetime


I stumbled upon a post on Instagram and it redefined my view on adventure. It was posted by someone who had the same experience of redefining the meaning of adventure and surprisingly the original post's owner is someone who I am acquainted with. A girl from my lab group during my foundation days. I'm not sure if she knows me but, she should recognize my face because we had labs thrice a week.

Check her Instagram (Her pictures are the epitome of coolness): Irdina

What I want to highlight from her words is, "Adventure of a lifetime is life itself. It lies in what you spent most of your time doing. We just have to be present and find our purpose."

I love to repeat this, find the positivity in everything including something mundane. Then, you will live a happier life and stop comparing. I am guilty as charged too because I always compare my life with others. It is not healthy and it makes me become kufr. I have to be grateful. Being grateful takes a lot of practices. When was the last time I said Alhamdulillah whenever I woke up and found myself still living in my body?


My time


I do some freelance jobs from time to time. Why? Because it helps me in having enough money to spend for shopping. I shop a little bit too much nowadays especially on skincare and makeups. I am slowly getting things that I could not get before. It feels so worth it because I use my own money that I work so hard for.

Sometime, I feel super tired but whenever I look at other figures like Vivy and Neelofa, I think my schedule is not that tight. Their schedules are super packed. I watched a video that Vivy posted yesterday, a day in her life. It started from 7 am until 12.30am the next day. She managed to squeeze time for family, work and friends and she has the time to update her blog and vlog. So, whenever I feel tired, I would remind myself tiredness after doing a lot of things in a day is good. Just make sure, that your day is productive.

Especially when I'm home, I waste a lot of time doing nothing but scrolling Instagram. It is so unhealthy. Maybe, I should practice this, clean up or sort something if you feel unproductive because after you did that, you can tell yourself at least I have cleaned something today. Let's fill the time wisely!